Affordable Live-In Social Support tailored to your needs

What we do

We are a private company looking to offer social support to those in need and an affordable alternative to moving into a nursing home. We understand that most people (if eligible) have personal carers that see them during the day to meet their clinical and personal care needs, however Live-In Carers will offer the peace of mind of having someone around outside of those hours. 

Someone who can check the locks, make sure the oven has been turned off, someone to have dinner with and talk about your day. Someone who cares about you.


Affordable & Stress Free

Social Support

Short Term & Long Term

Independence & Dignity

How our service works

Register online or phone us direct. One of our friendly Support Coordinators will contact you to discuss your requirements, whether short-term, mid-term or long-term and how much care you require. We will then find you a carer to suit your needs.

For short-term and mid-term, we place the carer directly with you.

For long-term placements, you will have the opportunity for you and your family / support worker to meet with your potential carer.

If there is a match, we help in the arrangements so the carer can move in with you as soon as possible. If you would like to meet subsequent carers – this does attract additional fees. We care about your peace of mind:

All of our carers must go through a background and skills check, have their Working With Children Check / Vulnerable People Check, and first-aid certificate.

Advantages of Live-in carers:

  • Flexible assistance: Short-term, Mid-term and Long term placements available
  • Friendly, warm and dedicated companionship
  • We promote independence and wellness in your own home
  • We are there "out of hours" should you have any concerns
  • We are an affordable service

Contact Us

Contact us for more information: one of our friendly team will call you soon
The Live-In Carer is matched to you in accordance with your requirements, the “likes” and “dislikes” that you have listed on your initial registration forms (click the button below). We suggest that you complete these forms with your family / support worker as they often know us better than we know ourselves.  Your family / support worker can help you to work out the type of person that you would ideally like to hang out with.
Once you have signed up with us, we can then start the search to find your potential Live-In Carer. When we find a match between your requirements and a potential Live-In Carer’s profile  (first profile is free), we will forward their profile on for you and your family / support worker to review.  
The Next Step
You have found someone that you would like to meet. We at Live-In Carers will organise an opportunity for you to meet at a public place near you.  This meeting can be as simple as having a cuppa and a chat…see if you like each other. We suggest that you take your family members / support worker with you for this meeting.  If you do not have a support worker then we can get in contact with one on your behalf.
You like each other…
We can organise for another meeting (also in a public place) or you may decide to meet with this person in your home (we advise that you have family members or your support worker with you).  This gives you both the opportunity to see if this is a comfortable match. How do you feel having this person in your home? Do they get along with your pets? Do they fit in with your family?
What happens if you don’t like each other?
We send you another Live-In Carer’s profile (extra profiles attract a search fee) and we can keep sending you profiles until you are satisfied.
Moving In !!!
Having someone new in your home is always going to feel a little strange at first. It is advisable to give yourself some time to adjust, tread gently and respect each others space, until having each other around feels natural. Remember that this relationship is designed to enrich both lives, yours and your carers.
With live-incarers I always feel safe and never worry about my grandparents while I am away
Emerson Palmer