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3 Great Reason to Self-Manage your Home Care Package

Have you been getting the most from your Home Care Package?

A lot of Home Care Package holders are still not aware of the choice they now have in how they manage their Home Care Package. Or how critical their choice in Provider can be, for their ability to have real control in how and when their services are delivered, and the amount of funding they have available. 

In February 2017 home care reforms created greater choice for Home Care Package holders and improved the way care services are delivered to older Australians. Meaning older Australians can now choose which provider they would like to host their Home Care Package, or switch from a Provider who they aren’t entirely happy with.

It also paved the way for the introduction of self-management, which enables you to get more choice, funding and care services from the same package.

But the benefits, don’t stop there. Here’s a little bit more about self-management to help you decide whether it’s the right option for you or your loved one.

3 Great Benefits of Self-Management:

  1. You pay significantly less in fees

With self-management typically the fee you are charged is lower than with a Traditional Provider. Some Traditional Providers charge upwards of 35% of your Home Care Package, leaving you with limited funds available for your much-needed care services.

Let’s Get Care, the first self-managed Provider in Australia charges a low flat fee of 13% leaving you with up to double the funds to spend on the care that you need to continue living at home independently.

  • More choice and flexibility when it comes to your care.

With self-management, you get to choose who delivers the care and support services you require, at a rate you’re happy with and at a time that suits you best.

Self-Management puts you or your family member in charge of the hiring and scheduling of your Care Services. This means you get a real choice in how your Home Care Package funds are used, and who delivers your care services.

Instead of having a Case Manager dictate who visits you at what time, there is more understanding that you and your family know your situation best and understand exactly what you need. Self-management provides choice and consistency of care. 

  • Stay Independent Longer

When you self-manage your Home Care Package the choice and control you receive leads to a regained feeling of independence.

The relationship between you and your Care Manager is different. There is an understanding that you want to remain as independent as possible, you just need some extra support to achieve this goal.

With self-management, you get the power to make changes yourself, you’re in control. But that doesn’t mean you’re alone and without support. You still have a dedicated Care Manager to call whenever you have questions.

Self-Management means support to live independently.  

The self-managed option has been well received by many Home Care Package holders.

 “For too long consumers have had to endure poor service and incredibly high fees,” says Michael Argent, Managing Director at Let’s Get Care. “Many of our clients are so grateful to have found a much better option for them.  At the end of the day, our goal is to empower older Australians to remain living independently. It’s highly rewarding to make a significant difference to an individual’s life.”

Self-Management isn’t for everyone. But it’s important to know that the option is there for those who would benefit from self-managing their Home Care Package. Let’s Get Care caters the support to the individual’s needs and also has part and full care management options for those who require extra support.

If you would like to learn more about self-management and how it would work for you, you can visit Let’s Get Care’s website: https://letsgetcare.com.au/

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