Have your live-in Carer

3 Great Reason to Self-Manage your Home Care Package Have you been getting the most from your Home Care Package? A lot of Home Care Package holders are still not aware of the choice they now have in how they manage their Home Care Package. Or how critical their choice in Provider can be, for […]

Are you suffering from Social Isolation?

It is not only sad that at times you find yourself lonely or suffering from social isolation but did you know that it is also bad for your health. Many of us feel that we cannot share our house with another person and that we are too set in our ways to have someone fussing […]

Firstly, let me say that I am happy to be Australian!

Happy to be living in a sunburnt country, land of sweeping plains blah blah but I am even more grateful that we live in a country that is not affected by war, communism or extremist parties.   So why aren’t we the “Lucky” country? Why do we have so much mental health issues?  Why is there […]