Payment Options

All payments to the Agency are to be made by Credit Card

Payment to your Live-In Carer is made directly, each week or fortnight (you can work this out between yourselves).

If you have chosen the Long Term Placement option then you may decide to go down the Carer’s Payment option and apply to Centrelink.  This is not suggested for the other term placements as it can often take months for Centrelink approval.

Initial Registration Fee  (includes one carer profile)

To sign up with Live-In Carers and to commence the recruitment process there is in an initial Registration Fee which comes off the final placement fee.  Final placement fee is due on selection of your Live-In Carer.

Mid Term and Long Term Placements only

The first Live-In Carer profile is free.  Subsequent profiles attract a fee.

This is the agreed Term cost minus the Initial Registration Fee.

Balance is due upon selection of the Live-In Carer

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