Affordable & Stress Free

Social Support

Short Term & Long Term

Independence & Dignity

Every client is different in how they want to live and in what ways they need support. We at Live-In Carers value these differences and endeavour to support our clients as much as possible.

Live-In Carers offers an affordable and stress free way for the elderly and those with a disability to continue living at home. Live-In Carers can be paid from your Home Care or NDIS Packages.

Live-In Carers also provide you with social support and give you peace of mind and comfort, knowing that someone is there to help, should you take a fall, hear something outside or to just share a meal and watch your favorite shows on TV.

Short Term Placement (1-4 weeks)

This plan is ideal for clients who get home after being hospitalised and needs assistance to aid their recovery processes.

Mid Term Placement (1-6 months)

This is a great solutions for those families who wish to travel for work or holidays and want to know that their loved one has support while they are away.

Long Term Placement (6 months onwards)

This solution is designed to bring full companionship for the elderly or those with a disability, who desire is to remain in their homes. Great alternative to nursing homes, that provides preferred support at lower costs.

Live-In Carers is focussed on you and your loved ones maintaining independence and dignity and decreasing the fear of having to leave their home. With Live-In Carers, there is no reason to suffer the stress of having to leave the home you know and love, filled with its comfort, familiarity, and treasured memories.

Whether you are requiring social support for yourself, a spouse, or elderly parent, or a loved one with a disability, Live-In Carers can tailor a placement to suit you.

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